Taurus 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
Love will take a happier turn, as long as you act wisely. This is also a crucial time to leave a work obligation; you’ll soon make an impact in new surroundings.

Love & Sex in 2020
This year, you’ll move on from the past, freeing your heart for a new chapter. You’re a great romantic with an enormous potential for passion, and your lover will want to see the most sensual side of you.

Career & Money in 2020
You’re being encouraged to make a career fantasy happen. As you make significant progress at work, you’re apt to find yourself traveling. This year, it will be clear to all that you’re a true artist.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: November 16
Career & Money: October 10
Health & Fitness: February 10

Your Year at a Glance
January: You like familiarity, but take a crazy career leap ‑- you’ll land on your feet. An offer on the table will lead to more responsibility.
February: Take advantage of your connection to someone with valuable career contacts. Don’t make the mistake of hiding in a cocoon.
March: You’re in an emotional tug-of-war, but the stars promise a new relationship built on trust ‑- just sweep away anything inconsequential.
April: Your career will have a new, competitive element. Use a light touch when interacting with a boss and boost your financial luck.
May: Mercury in your sign will trigger a revelation about love. Have confidence in this newfound knowledge. You can inspire adoration!
June: As a love relationship transforms, the question will be: Are you willing to take a risk for more happiness? Don’t be “safe but sorry.”
July: Career luck will abound as you affiliate yourself with unusual and dynamic people. You’ll be at the starting gate of a brand-new race.
August: In a difficult personal relationship (be it with a friend or a lover), hold fast to your own truth and forge a mutual respect.
September: Someone else’s decision will ease your career pressure. This positive separation will give you more control over your own creative work.
October: You’re about to find a new task or a new location. The solar eclipse will mean any step you take into unfamiliar territory will be lucky.
November: Stop dwelling on an old love, comparing your feelings then to who you are today. Pull up stakes and start fresh. Happiness awaits.
December: You’ve learned the hard way not to get emotionally imprisoned. A new liaison will offer loyalty, passion and spiritual intimacy.

You have a need to be in charge and a tendency to live a full, but unbalanced, life. You’re not necessarily a neat freak, but admit it: Disorder drives you up a wall. You are least able to relax when you suspect details are slipping by and unfinished business is piling up. That’s why, this year, you won’t believe how much peace of mind you’ll gain when you start organizing: your desk, your calendar ‑- even your closet!

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