Scorpio 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
As you reexamine a relationship, be firm about what you know is true. Consider an offbeat job opportunity, because Mars predicts success.

Love & Sex in 2020
Reinforce what you’ve come to believe about your own worthiness. Be bold in bed ‑- this is the year to disclose all your desires, no matter how secret.

Career & Money in 2020
You’re a groundbreaking pioneer who is right to say, “I’ll do it my way.” You will handle your career with far greater control and enlist the help of a powerful ally.

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Best Dates
Love & Sex: April 24
Career & Money: December 25
Health & Fitness: January 30

Your Year at a Glance

January: In a romantic dilemma, you must deal with facts, not wishes. Listen to your heart and apply wisdom as you make a choice.
February: You need to remember: Your work is valuable. This will be a lucky month financially, so revise a money arrangement.
March: You’re both passionate and possessive, but you’d be wise to back off. Love will flow more easily if you stop trying to control.
April: You have an amazing ability to put your finger on the public pulse. Believe in this unique skill and go after a project that will truly excite you.
May: You’ll be tested in a new professional arena. Show your tenacious side and tap into your talent for gaining new supporters.
June: Ignore a lover’s mixed messages and look with your heart beyond his surface. It’ll be a second chance to get passionately involved.
July: A lover will need you to be the steadfast one. Let him lean on you for strength, because the favor will be returned soon enough.
August: An opportunity for career advancement will arrive. Your good reputation will be growing, but to go further, think on an even larger scale.
September: You’ll be contemplating a new chapter in a love relationship, perhaps even pondering a permanent commitment. Take it slow.
October: Hold on ‑- this storm will pass. As you face difficulty on the job, you’ll carry within you the certainty that you’re going to prevail.
November: Your talent will attract the attention of a higher-up. Be aware of a behind-the-scenes control issue, however, and don’t play politics.
December: Let go of memories that shadow you. This powerful emotional cycle will mean a romance today can transform your life tomorrow.

Vulnerability feels dangerous for a Scorpio. That explains why, professionally and romantically, winging it is so uncomfortable. Your instinct to control kicks in ‑- however, do you recognize how little you can truly control by getting so overinvolved in other people’s dramas? When you play a “savior” role, you actually lose yourself, which doesn’t help anyone. A new approach for you: Take a deep breath (or 10) and quit trying to fix others’ lives. Let their destinies unfold, and then yours can, too ‑- much more smoothly!

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