Sagittarius 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
Your uneasiness about a romantic situation will prod you to make a move, and a professional goal you had previously written off will now be within reach.

Love & Sex in 2020
It’s time to rediscover lust. Have faith in someone’s potential to become the lover you desire. Sex has more to do with finding spiritual happiness than you realize!

Career & Money in 2020
You can anticipate a bonanza of special assistance, payback for good deeds and unexpected money! You have an eye for spotting what appeals to the public ‑- use it.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: May 23
Career & Money: February 4
Health & Fitness: June 18

Your Year at a Glance
January: Career news will not turn out to be what you expected. But, happily, the end result will be better than you ever imagined!
February: The change you find most daunting will be in your love life. Take a gamble, stop bluffing and put your cards on the table.
March: Don’t lurk on the sidelines ‑- volunteer your skills. With a sunny attitude, you’ll move closer to those leading an appealing project.
April: For you, true love is rooted in friendship. Listen to your intuition: You’ll have a chance to step in and be a good friend to your lover.
May: At work, you will face a turning point. Leave a limiting chore, because someone who’ll enter your life now can help you achieve your ambition.
June: If you keep pretending nothing in your love life bothers you, you’ll be flirting with depression. Turn your pain into positive action.
July: You’ll grapple with questions of confidence and self-esteem, but it’ll be because you listened to negative people. Start loving yourself.
August: Someone special will be oblivious to what you’ll feel indecisive about: whether to get closer emotionally or turn away.
September: You’ll need more income, and you’re worth more than you’re paid. Crunch the numbers ‑- then be gutsy and ask for extra.
October: Though your brainchild won’t generate support among colleagues, timing will be perfect to follow your instinct about what the public wants.
November: You’ll be able to cope with your distress, because you’ll have already learned your lesson about not becoming the fix-it woman for others.
December: The holidays will bring a happy ending to a love story. Together, you’ll exchange a major promise and enter a new romantic phase.

You’re breaking away from the past, but you feel loss instead of freedom. On top of that struggle, others aren’t owning up to the problems they’re causing in your life. How can you rise above their lack of responsibility? Every day, make yourself a promise that you won’t hold a grudge or procrastinate (as tempting as those options may be). In your business dealings, don’t take everything so personally and be sure to follow through on your word. Even if your goodwill is not reciprocated, you’ll triumph emotionally by reclaiming your serenity.

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