Pisces 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
Dust off your résumé, because you’ll have a chance to escape the predictable and embark on a creative adventure. To truly attain happiness, you need to dissolve lingering anger.

Love & Sex in 2020
You’ll confront buried feelings about a relationship that’s over and begin a year of extraordinary emotional and sexual evolution.

Career & Money in 2020
You are a craftsperson, and this year, the uniqueness of your work shines bright. It’s time to follow your inner calling. Proceed with plans for a large-scale career project that will take you to an unfamiliar setting.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: September 18
Career & Money: November 7
Health & Fitness: April 30

Your Year at a Glance
January: You’ll begin 2020 feeling reckless, which is for the best. Why? Because you’ve hung back too long! A fabulous love affair will begin.
February: You’ll finally believe in your special genius and unusual artistry. Now, make a brave change at work so that you’ll be more mentally stimulated.
March: Dig deep to find the right words to tell a lover. Once you face your fears and tell the truth, you’ll find the rest quite easy.
April: A solar eclipse in your Money House will indicate that finances may materialize unexpectedly. A gamble may ensue, but luck will be on your side.
May: You’ll be trying to please too many people ‑- don’t be afraid to fly in the face of their opinions. Self-reliance will be a strong theme this month.
June: Use your psychic senses to tune in to the needs of a lover, and you’ll discover a reservoir of adoration you never suspected was there.
July: Others won’t comprehend the unique way your mind works. So stop listening to them! They haven’t a clue what you’ll be trying to achieve.
August: You’ll be aching for a big change in your love life, but safety will seem crucial. Zero in on your top priority and let the rest go.
September: End a job situation in which you’re taken for granted. You’re a tough act to follow, and the truth is, nobody will be able to fill your shoes.
October: You can count on love to be the wind beneath your wings. However, to truly experience this, you must first fly on your own.
November: A professional turning point may disrupt your present lifestyle, but more independence and influence will be in store.
December: A faraway locale will figure prominently in this “wrap-up” cycle, in which you’ll shed burdens and make a glorious beginning.

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Shyness is not your problem, but a mediocre self-image may be. You’ve taken a big step, and naturally, you’re worried about stumbling. But are you forgetting to congratulate yourself on your progress? Reward yourself more often (suggestions: a pedicure, a good bottle of wine or a long nap). Butterflies will be in your stomach when you think about your career path, but you’ll feel ‑- and appear ‑- a lot less wishy-washy when you make a firm decision. This will free you to master a new subject and earn respect as an esteemed expert.

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