Leo 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
Make peace with a memory that haunts you, and support will be forthcoming from someone who loves you. Don’t refuse a colleague who extends an invitation.

Love & Sex in 2020
If you show courage and caution simultaneously (a balancing act you learned the hard way), you’ll find what you know you need most ‑- intimacy. Now is not the time to settle for lukewarm love.

Career & Money in 2020
This “success” year will put you front and center. You’ll feel like a stranger in a new land at first, but this will keep you on your toes. Just capitalize on the creative talent that sets you apart.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: January 25
Career & Money: July 31
Health & Fitness: December 31

Your Year at a Glance
January: The key to finding your most compatible match? Honesty. Remember, you deserve a lover who validates your needs.
February: A happy emotional ending will bring enormous relief. You’ll be free to be more spontaneous! Tip: Don’t be afraid of involvement.
March: The end of a hold-your-breath phase at work will give you great confidence about the future. Now, you can proceed with a dynamic project.
April: Your unique tastes and talents can fuel a special relationship. This will be a lesson in being completely you and not kowtowing to anyone.
May: In your job, your worst mistake would be to hide your brilliance. Buckle down intellectually as you pursue your original idea.
June: Believe what your heart knows, not what your ears hear. Your instincts will be right about someone who loves you but doesn’t show it.
July: On the work scene, you’re already popular, but now, people will see more depth in you. You’ll be more visible, so it’ll be important to look your best.
August: Travel will be a strong theme, particularly to a place beyond your usual boundaries. Either in love or work, you’ll be pulled into a new world.
September: Your love life will suddenly be exuberant! Personality differences may hamper a relationship, so don’t delay an important choice.
October: The lunar eclipse will bring about enlightenment. You’ll know yourself more and be able to give your heart to a lover who treasures you.
November: Due to your talent for communication, a powerful group will embrace you, and suddenly, opportunity will abound.
December: You’ll be learning to trust, bravely taking a love alliance to a deeper level. Happiness ‑- once elusive ‑- will fill you up.

Your career plans aren’t progressing, and you feel stuck. What could be more stressful? The important thing to know is that your current situation will change. Keep reminding yourself: This is temporary. Wedge some breaks and distractions into your daily schedule to ward off your worries and begin a routine that adds an element of pampering to your life, such as a regular brunch date or a nightly bath. The most helpful tactic: Stop seeking approval from those who have no idea how talented you are! Rest assured, you are special.

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