Gemini 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
You’re ready to explore a deeper dimension in your emotional life, but first, allow yourself to be vulnerable and honest. You have so many things to say ‑- speak up!

Love & Sex in 2020
You need to make a new start with someone. If change intimidates you, know that happiness is in store in the form of a deeply complex, totally unforgettable love.

Career & Money in 2020
You were born with a computerlike brain and an excess of charisma, and both will be key this year, because a new enterprise will require you to utilize your verbal and writing skills.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: December 15
Career & Money: April 13
Health & Fitness: July 10

Your Year at a Glance
January: Stop waiting for people you work with to make up their minds ‑- do your own thing!
February: Your good sense will help you see the truth about a love relationship. Now, you two can proceed together in the same life direction.
March: Venus will help bring about a project that may seem eccentric or weird to others. To you, though, the venture will have great potential (you’re right!).
April: A rare planetary pattern will boost your courage in love. In an emotional gamble, the odds will be good, so go ahead and wager your heart!
May: Venus will make your heart buoyant now, despite how precarious you’ve been feeling. Your best bet will be to verbalize everything.
June: Don’t compromise your principles, and you can emerge from a struggle feeling more secure. As it turns out, your love affair will endure.
July: Your new, fast-paced career cycle will take a happy, creative turn. You’ll have to be your own publicist, so speak up forcefully.
August: Achieve more intimacy by looking into a lover’s heart. If you face a complication in a relationship, diplomacy will be the best tactic.
September: You’ll have an original idea, but nothing can come of it unless you take direct action on your own behalf.
October: Recognize that a change is occurring in a relationship. Bolster feelings of trust by addressing what neither of you will be talking about.
November: This month, concentrate on a powerful business contact, because this person will eventually become an important ally.
December: Give in to your desires. Your sexual vitality will be a spark that ignites an affair. At last, love will feel like an adventure!

Whether you’re giving or receiving, mixed messages make you nuts. You’re frustrated when you have to censor yourself and confused when someone else does the same. Therefore, make clear communication a top priority this year. The handiest fix-it tool for you: Say what’s on your mind, simply and specifically. And when you have a question, ask it. Your sincerity will keep you safe. Like most Geminis, you have a gift for language ‑- use it!

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