2018 horoscope predictions

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The troubled times on a global level that we are experiencing has initiated a process of disintegration for reintegration. Extremes such as this bring endings clearing the way for new beginnings. 2017 was a time for internal development and change, leading toward greater freedom, primarily through letting go of past conditionings and habit patterns. This internal process brings a spiritual dimension of awareness, encouraging us to explore the in-between state or whatever exists outside the margin of ordinary life. This includes that free state of consciousness of not knowing the answers to what, where, how, and when.

One astrology webpage predicts that in 2020 the momentum will carry us forward with the tangible reward of much greater attainment. The time of fertile emptiness clears the way to begin building anew. In early January we are arriving at a firmer foundation for the process of personal, social, and global experiences of the next steps for liberation. It is what people do with liberation that determines whether or not they will be actually get free; so obviously, on a collective level there is more light work to be done.

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The bottom line is that these planetary shifts in 2017 are becoming firm in 2018. Even if it takes more disruption and exposure of dark forces there will be the momentum to consolidate and to establish a firmer base leading to more integration within ourselves, our family life, and within our community affairs. We are more prepared to counteract the chaos that comes with transitions, and face the destructive motivations from the status/quo on the level of social/economic/political patterns that have an influence on us all. This awareness is strong in the earliest months of the year, yet challenged with confrontation related to the building process, bringing a turning point in July. The Fall Equinox in 2018 augment a greater willingness and orientation toward more participation for constructive social change and more outward forms of development and evolution brought about the exposure of social strategy and beliefs, as well as those in leadership that consistently work against human rights.

The emphasis on protection and security goes hand in hand with the desire for greater freedom. During 2018 we potentially have more confidence in our own knowledge and spiritual awareness and more awareness about how to deal with the destructive forces that influence us from all sides. We will be inclined to participate and we will witness more people being proactive, holding to principles, beliefs, and ideals. Change is in the air and highly supported by renewed personal and social values. We are in the universal vibration of number six. Commitment to excellence for harmony and balance, motivated by the loving heart adds to our growing ability to participate freely in the process of perfectly changing, day by day, trusting in the unfoldment in perfect harmony with God’s plan.