Cancer 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
An important relationship is at stake, but you can no longer keep hiding your feelings. Professionally, someone is about to notice you and make an offer. Say yes!

Love & Sex in 2020
In the aftermath of messy emotions, you’ll find a safe nesting place and alter a major life pattern. This year, Saturn reminds you to be true to your sexual self.

Career & Money in 2020
You’re an original thinker, and you’ll have strong chemistry with someone who has money smarts. You’ll discover a new work technique and enjoy a lucrative partnership.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: July 21
Career & Money: January 14
Health & Fitness: October 29

Your Year at a Glance
January: Career success will depend on abandoning what’s familiar. Venture off the beaten track and go public with your star-making talent.
February: Your Valentine’s Day gift: new joy with a lover who’ll appreciate your generous heart. It’s the start of a rich emotional life.
March: Previously unavailable people will suddenly give you affirmative answers to your career questions, freeing you from an untenable situation.
April: Your love affair doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You need balance! For starters, stop being “She Who Does Too Much.”
May: You’re intuitive and assertive. As a result, there will never be a better time to follow a hunch and act on your feelings.
June: At work, don’t be afraid to tap an untested skill. You can take center stage, but you must assert yourself or keep toiling in the shadows.
July: This challenging career cycle will help you step out from someone’s shadow and share your talents. Soon, you’ll achieve more freedom.
August: You’re trying to balance career, love and money. Put maximum energy into your love life; the rest will work out fine!
September: At work, go directly to whomever has the authority to give you a green light. You’ll have influence ‑- use it!
October: Vibrant sensuality will infuse a love affair. However, keep your wits about you ‑- it would be a mistake to let passion trump practicality.
November: A past promise will result in financial luck, and new information will speed you toward an exciting new contract or business agreement.
December: Your heart will be entwined with another’s in an almost mystical way. You’ll be very psychic, and your intuition about this person will be accurate.

While you project a picture of calm confidence, you secretly worry about being inadequate. This dichotomy creates anxiety. Don’t forget, though: Your creativity and sensitivity make you special. This means you feel best when you spend maximum time on work that can be accomplished with a high level of independence. You’re likely to thrive when you can go about your day without constant interference. Also, try a more outward focus and use your empathy to connect with others. The reassurance and advice you receive in exchange will be very soothing.

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