Aquarius 2020 horoscope – love, health and money

January at a Glance
Be aware of your tendency to shut out what you don’t want to see. With open eyes, make a choice; you’re promised a happy ending. Paycheck-wise, you’re persuasive enough to hold out for top dollar.

Love & Sex in 2020
Your lessons this year will be about kissing off romantic delusions and not chasing what is doomed to fail. It’s time to pin your devotion on someone worthy of you.

Career & Money in 2020
The question is no longer what to do next, but how to do it. Look for an opportunity for greater visibility so you can flaunt your gift for self-expression in an arena in which you’re the star.

Best Dates
Love & Sex: August 19
Career & Money: May 11
Health & Fitness: September 25

Your Year at a Glance
January: You’ll be trying to deal with a lover’s complicated issues, but all you can do is stand by. Just wait things out ‑- a solution will soon be at hand.
February: At work, jump at a chance to use more verbal and writing skills. You will confidently pull together a communication-related project.
March: For you, love is a comfort, but it’s easy to let a partner do your thinking. Being “managed” is a sticky web ‑- don’t get caught.
April: This Venus cycle will warn you not to impose your fantasy on a lover. You’ll need to see him with clear eyes and love the real person.
May: In your workplace, a forced change will feel like a hindrance, but in the long term, it’ll turn out to be lucky. You’re about to find a new ally.
June: Your relationship will ask you to take a leap that worries you ‑- perhaps a move or a monetary investment. Do it and reap the rewards.
July: There’s no reason to alter your career course just because someone wants you to. Break free by asserting your own agenda.
August: Don’t walk away from conflict. In fact, your passionate feelings can help immensely as you fight for what you believe in.
September: Dare to follow your heart, even if others think you’re wrong. Respect your own hunches about what will bring happiness.
October: Trust your own vision in a creative project, and don’t be stymied by conservative advice. Handle this in a way no one has before.
November: This will be a time of being tested in your love life. You’ll be presented with an either/or choice ‑- to be happy, you can’t have both.
December: You’re about to make an important life choice about love. Then, you and a mate will embark on an exciting challenge.

The independent Aquarian finds it maddening to be under the thumb of someone giving orders. But authority figures are a fact of life, and compromise doesn’t have to equal stress. In fact, a give-and-take attitude is going to be essential as you launch a new venture in 2005, because you’ll need the support of an important group. Be open to their suggestions and notice how readily yours will be accepted in return. As for your love relationship, your clinging creates as much angst for you as it does for him. Spend more time with friends, particularly doing something active. You and your partner will both appreciate the decreased tension in the air!

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